Look who’s talking, too

I promised you musings and ramblings, and now I’m ready to deliver. I will be posting reviews of the show “You” that’s available on Netflix. I’m watching season 1, and will be reviewing all the episodes, publishing one review a day. I will be posting my ramblings just as they are – one proof-read for errors, and then off they go, no internal editor. Let’s see how it goes. And obviously, SPOILER ALERT!


  • I hope the new voice-over is the way to make Beck seem more interesting and less of a waste of everyone’s time. The Captain is an intriguing prospect, and I hope it’s not code for “Her father is still alive and pervy”. It would be funny if it was Peach’s code name, and they had a hot secret affair. But I doubt that’s where we’re headed.
  • I have a feeling that both Joe and Peach will follow Beck to her secret weekend with the Captain.
  • “You are the worst friend”, that’s right, Beck, you are! Also you don’t need the word “friend” for that sentence to be true. You’re just the worst.
  • Must we re-live this awful eight-second sex scene over and over again? And please tell me that we’re not going to see all the scenes this way now? First her perspective, and then his. It was bad enough when Shades of Grey did this, YOU don’t need to resort to that. YOU are better than this.
  • We need more of Joe’s co-worker on this show, he’s so wonderfully hipster! And I never call hipsters wonderful, but this guy gets a pass for taking balalaika lessons, ha-ha!
  • Yep, the dad is still alive, how original. At least don’t make them have an affair…
    So they’re going to a Dickens festival – at least he’s not a magician, like I thought when I first saw his outfit.
  • Peach is doing some snooping, good girl. She looks fierce, by the way. Apparently, Sofia Vergara is not the only woman who can successfully pull off leopard print.
  • Joe had two choices: run from the Dickensian time machine, or stay and lure Beck into another trap. Guess which one his chose?
  • The narration is evenly distributed between Joe, Beck and – my favorite one – Silence. So I was worried for nothing.
  • See, this is why audio-books aren’t for me. I’m listening to Beck’s story, and it sounds awful. But on paper it might be a different story. Hopefully. I mean, if Blythe herself approves then it’s gotta be good. Or maybe Blythe approves ironically? Or maybe Blythe knows nothing? So many questions…
  • Ew, why is Beck taking selfies on the toilet? Like, a lot of selfies? Do people do that? Is that a thing?
  • How did Joe get into Peach’s apartment? He had to call in a gas leak in order to get into Beck’s little apartment. But he can just waltz into Peach’s brownstone and return her book without anyone noticing?! I’m calling bullshirt on this.

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