I bruise like a peach

I promised you musings and ramblings, and now I’m ready to deliver. I will be posting reviews of the show “You” that’s available on Netflix. I’m watching season 1, and will be reviewing all the episodes, publishing one review a day. I will be posting my ramblings just as they are – one proof-read for errors, and then off they go, no internal editor. Let’s see how it goes. And obviously, SPOILER ALERT!


  • Peach is good, very good at her game. Joe has found a worthy adversary, and we have found some good drama on this show.
  • This show is brilliant! The whole episode was leading up to the confrontation between Joe and Peach. I knew it was coming, it was inevitable – the only outcome of Joe’s desperate trip to Greenwich. And yet he managed to stay hidden for so long in that giant house that I even started to doubt my previous theory. Glad that I was wrong! The build-up of tension was expertly executed, so that we arrive at the confrontation not entirely sure how Joe will get out of this mess. And again, I know that he has to get out of it, so that the show can continue, but how can he possibly turn the situation around when no odds are in his favor right now?
  • Now Peach is truly gone, too bad – I really liked her. I hope that Joe doesn’t get away with it, given all the evidence he was bound to leave behind without realizing it. That pee jar, for one, and I’m sure there’s other evidence, but they might not look into it, given the apparent suicide. RIP Peach and her fierce eyebrows!

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