Consider me disturbed

This is the final review of Season 1, but come back tomorrow for an overview of the season!

I promised you musings and ramblings, and now I’m ready to deliver. I will be posting reviews of the show “You” that’s available on Netflix. I’m watching season 1, and will be reviewing all the episodes, publishing one review a day. I will be posting my ramblings just as they are – one proof-read for errors, and then off they go, no internal editor. Let’s see how it goes. And obviously, SPOILER ALERT!


  • Finally Beck is in the book dungeon! Not that I’m happy she’s there – even though she is THE WORST – but it’s what the season has been building up to and I’m glad that we’ve arrived. We still don’t know what happened to Candace, so my theory of her being locked in Ivan’s brownstone book dungeon could still be turn out to be true. Before I didn’t think it was plausible that Candace was alive and kept prisoner by Joe because he never ever visited her, or even had a chance to do that off-screen, but now that we’ve seen that Ivan is still alive and could be faking his stroke injuries, for all we know, I have a feeling that Candace could still be alive in his basement. And again, I don’t wish that on her, but I love a good kidnapping/hostage story – don’t judge me.
  • “You can trust me”, says the girl who repeatedly cheated on Joe and lied to him on multiple occasions. And of course Joe is gonna fall for it because he lurves her, poor bastard. Now she’s gonna try to escape, and fail, and things will escalate, and we won’t find out what happened to Candace until season 2. Ugh… Come on, show, prove me wrong!
  • So… I was partially right. Joe didn’t fall for Beck’s lies the first time, but eventually she wore him down, made him open the cage, stabbed him with some typewriter keys which I thought was pretty badass and… and then it all went downhill from there. Once again Beck proved to be THE WORST and very, very dumb. How could she not have locked the cage and taken the keys?! Was she not aware that the basement door was locked and only Joe had the keys? That’s why no one could find her or Benji in the book dungeon! And don’t tell me that she was not in her right mind, because she came up with stabbing him with those typewriter keys and locking him in the dungeon. Well, pretending to lock him and run upstairs WITHOUT THE KEYS. And then, by some miracle, she managed to outrun him and bludgeon him in the head with a mallet – the writers’ love for head-bludgeoning is strong – yet she didn’t make sure that he was dead or at least unconscious before she ran upstairs again to fumble with some keys and finally seal her fate. Good riddance, say I.
  • And now for the cliffhanger ending that I predicted. I still stand by my theories that Candace is either super-dead or locked up somewhere. Or at the very least, she escaped from Joe’s attempted murder, in which case she could have come back completely unscathed, with that exact same haircut and be all, We have unfinished business to discuss. Although there might be something else going on with those two, something other than what happened with Beck. In which case I’d be happy to be proved wrong by this show. And yes, I will be waiting for Season 2, please and thank you!

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