Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Here we go, The Last Jedi! I was surprised to find it on Netflix – this is the only Star Wars movie they have on there. I wonder why? Maybe because it’s gotten so many negative reviews, that not many people want to pay to see it.
I am here mainly because the current Captain Marvel controversy is being compared to the uproar that was created by the Last Jedi. So I am very curious.
I’ll preface this by saying that I am not a huge Star Wars fan. In fact, I prefer the prequels to the original trilogy. A lot of it has to do with the prequels premiering during my time – they were the cinematic Star Wars experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching those three movies in the cinema. In fact, I’ve seen each of the prequels twice in the cinema, and then several more times over the years on DVD.
So when Star Wars Episode VII came out, I even went to see it in the cinema (which is a rarity for me) to remember the good ol’ days. And I was entertained while I was watching the movie, but it didn’t have a huge impact on me. In fact, it was so bland that I didn’t feel the need to watch Episode VIII, and I’m only watching it now because it’s on Netflix and I wanna see if it’s really as bad as people say it is.

To sum it up: this movie is terrible. You can find plenty of reasons why in the ramblings section down below, and note that I stopped writing things down because it got to be too much. The level of incompetence of these filmmakers is startling. But not as startling as the disrespect that these filmmakers have shown all the Star Wars fans by making this abominable movie. As I already said, I only like the prequels, and even I am personally offended by the way that this movie ruined all the already existing characters and introduced new, insufferable characters.
I don’t want to spend much more time on this, as this dumpster fire of a movie doesn’t deserve to have so much of my energy invested in it, so let me just say EVERYTHING apart from the visuals IS TERRIBLE. Disney clearly doesn’t care about its own legacy, as it keeps churning out terrible live-action versions of our beloved animated movies; and it gives even less forks about other iconic films, so we should have known that the Disney Star Wars would be bad.
Yet they could have been less terrible if anyone bothered to apply sense to making this trilogy. They could have at least hired the same writer to work on this entire trilogy, maybe then some of these characters would have made sense. But I guess no one cares about characters, or story, or legacy, when you have IMPORTANT AGENDA to push. Again, I don’t wanna go into details, because the SJWs deserve even less of my time and effort than Disney does, so I will only say this once – a feature film needs to have a plot and characters, not just blatant political and social agenda. The best films have always had an underlying agenda, but it was not just plastered onto the screen, it was subtly visible among compelling stories and fully-developed characters.
This abomination is so badly written that even when the scenes are supposed to be epic they’re boring as hell. The pacing is off, there’s no tension. In fact, I stopped caring about anyone or anything when Leia turned into Space Jesus. Meanwhile Luke Skywalker apparently died at the end of Episode VI, because the person we have here is his body double, who has nothing in common with the original Luke. Not that Leia is any better, but her character is so perfunctory that it might as well not exist. Finn, who was a promising character in Episode VII, has to suffer through a boring and useless subplot and doesn’t even get his big heroic moment at the end. Po Dameron is a white man, so he has no right to exist in the Brave SJW World. Speaking of which, Strong Purple-haired Lady is a terrible leader, who inspires no confidence in her subordinates, has secret plans that she doesn’t share with anyone, and lets so many Good Guys get blown to pieces before she decides to execute her heroic effort in destroying the Bad Guys’ ships. The effort that makes no sense, just like nothing else makes sense in this movie. As for Rey, I can’t even with that Mary Sue…
Please proceed to my ramblings to see more of my bewilderment and grievances.


  • I hope this is going to be somewhat coherent, given that I don’t remember any actual details of the previous movie. The iconic introduction is being vague about the state of affairs. At least the main idea, as always, is that the Resistance is fighting the Bad Guys.
  • How do they make Domhnall Gleeson look so unlikable? He’s such a charming fellow, but here he’s just repulsive. He’s being a bit too dramatic, no? Again, I’m a fan of the prequels where Palpatine was a more subtle baddie.
  • Oh look, Aunt Lysa fell through the Moon Door and right into the First Order attack ship.
  • Did they just make a “yo mama” joke on Star Wars? I gotta say, this prank call would have been fine in the Star Wars parody, but in an actual movie it doesn’t work.
  • Why is Leia dissing C3PO? Is that an inside joke that I don’t get?
  • These bomber ships are such easy targets. They’re giant and un-maneuverable, of course they’re all gonna get destroyed. And how are the bombs supposed to work anyway? There’s no gravity in space, so you can’t drop a bunch of bombs down the shoot and expect them to land in the same spot down below without gravity. I would buy it if the bomber ships were kamikaze – they crash into the target, exploding all the bombs in the process. But to have the bombs dropped down like that – I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy that the girl was able to catch that remote. She watched it fall past her, and didn’t make a move for it. Unless she has four-feet-long arms, she cannot catch it.
  • Am I supposed to remember why Finn woke up in a jacuzzi bag? Cause I sure don’t.
  • I wish that at least one movie would skip this whole “Battle-scarred hero refuses to go back and save everyone, spends half a movie being persuaded to help, adamantly refuses to help, but then changes his mind at the last hour” routine. It’s only implemented to pad the movie’s running time, and I would rather have a 90-minute coherent film than two-and-a-half hours of pointless rhetoric and will-he-won’t-he fake suspicion.
  • THAT IS SNOKE?! This shriveled old thing?! Hell no! Why couldn’t they keep him as a giant hologram? He was an enigma in the previous movie, and a real threat. But this thing… nope, not working for me. Palpatine was played by an actual human actor and was much scarier than this thing.
  • Adam Driver does look like a child! What a difference the absence of facial hair makes.
  • Luke has a point. Why do they need him so badly? He’s just one man, even if he is a Jedi. They had many Jedi in the prequels, and they all got slaughtered by the Bad Guys. So what’s one man gonna do? I guess the answer is in the original trilogy, but I don’t really like it, and I don’t wanna see it again to get the answers.
  • So, Luke knows that Rey has seen this Jedi Temple before, yet he has to keep asking her who she is?…
  • I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but I laughed when the Bad Guys appeared next to the Good Guys’ ships. I kept waiting for a giant Snoke hologram to beam into Leia’s ship and go, SURPRISE, BITCH.
  • I’ve seen too many episodes of Cinema Sins, to the point where I can’t watch movies normally anymore. Like in this scene where Kylo Ren blows up the Good Guys’ ship and Dameron gets caught in the explosion and thrown across the room, I’m like “He survives this”.
  • “Burning fuel”? What is this, Fast & Space Furious? I don’t know that much about Star Wars, but I’m pretty sure they never had a problem with fuel before.
  • Subtle vegan messaging is subtle.
  • It IS a cheap move, R2D2. Made even cheaper by the fact that, apparently, Princess Leia can’t be killed.
  • I’m sensing the SJW agenda radiating off Laura Dern. Again, I don’t remember the previous movie at all, as it turns out, but I’m pretty sure that Poe Dameron was the good character then. And now he’s a problem?
  • Fuel, space trackers, other stuff… what a bunch of nonsense. I kind of miss the Senate hearings from Episode I and those giant pod conferences from Episodes II and III. At least there were all kinds of different characters there, and so much pathos. Now there’s a casino? What?! I’m so confused… Are they doing a cross-over with the Matrix? The master code-breaker sounds like the master key-maker.
  • What the actual duck is happening with Rey and Kylo?! Since when can people Face-time through the Force?!
  • Ah, the old “I was cleaning my gun and it went off” defense. I had no idea it worked with blasters.
  • Wait… “Reach out with your feelings”?! I thought the Jedi aren’t supposed to have feelings. That was the whole problem with Anakin in the prequels. Was that all a lie? Is this a lie? Why is this movie so confusing?!
  • No one will be seated during the “Casino Royale” portion of this movie. And now there’s weird horse racing? Why the hell do we need that?! I feel like I’m watching an actual Star Wars movie and a Star Wars parody cut together into one long, idiotic movie.
  • How is there still an hour-and-a-half left?! I feel like I’ve been watching this for about five hours, and there’s still over half a movie left…
  • Oh so this is a Star Wars and Marvel cross-over. Hello, Benicio Del Toro!
  • I can’t with this Finn subplot. Why is this important?! I know they’re supposed to disable some tracker device, but what does Space Horse Casino Royale have to do with it? No wonder this movie is so long.
  • Adam Driver is a much better actor than Daisy Ridley. He conveys more emotions through subtlety than she does with all her shouting and being over-dramatic. It’s like watching the early Harry Potter movies where the over-acting kid actors were obliterated by the adult actors who barely had to move a facial muscle.
  • Are Rey and Kylo friends now? What the fork just happened?! Kylo is the last hope now? And Yoda is back, this time to be an anarchist. Burning books like a child delinquent. Because of course the perfect Rey already knows all the sacred Jedi texts. She was born with the knowledge, as she is perfect. Ugh. Pass my barf bag.
  • Wow, Oscar Isaac looks like he really doesn’t want to be there. I feel you, man, I don’t want to be watching this either.
  • How are Rey and Kylo “seeing the future” now?! This plus Face-timing makes them either the most powerful couple in all the Galaxy, or it makes this movie stupid as fork. I’m gonna go with the second option.
  • This is so boring! And there’s 50 more minutes left, how?!?!
  • I guess the fight between Rey and Kylo and Snoke and those red guards was supposed to be epic and stuff. But it was so boring. And Daisy is such a bad actress that I can’t take anything seriously. Ugh. And people were complaining about Hayden’s acting, yet he was never this bad.
  • This is stupid and pointless. I don’t care enough to comment anymore.
  • Oh for fork’s sake! They can’t even let Finn sacrifice himself?! Because she loves him all of a sudden?! What the actual fork!?
  • I knew that Luke wasn’t really there, and the whole fight with Kylo was fake, but why the fork did he actually die?! And how strong is Rey, who comes from nothing, that she is able to move entire huge piles of rocks with no training?! Didn’t Luke spend years training with Obi-Wan and Yoda? THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

  1. I completely agree, but as a white man, defenders (and makers) of this film will resort to calling me sexist instead of listening to any critiques. I was so let down by this movie, because I am a die-hard Star Wars fan. I could go on and on about this film and how awful it is, but that would mean I monopolize your comment section. 😉 Great review!

    1. I would love to discuss the film if you’re up for it! I can only imagine what an abomination this movie is to a hardcore Star Wars fan. Also, I don’t subscribe to the SJW nonsense, so I’m fine with you being a man 🙂

      1. I can’t pass up an opportunity to discuss Star Wars, haha! 😉 One of the main glaring problems the sequel trilogy presents is that everything done in the original trilogy is rendered moot. The Empire ultimately wins (albeit in a different form) and the New Republic which the Rebellion fought for was utterly decimated along with the new generation of rebels in Ep. 8. Undoubtedly in the next film there will be Resistance Vs. First Order conflicts, but how can it be reasonable if there are only a couple dozen survivors? I’m sure they will find a way to explain it, but the problem will be is it believable? I suppose we will find out in December. A couple years really isn’t enough to build up enough of a force to counteract the First Order’s reign. Even if the Resistance will succeed in Ep. 9 (which it probably will) that doesn’t erase what the First Order did since they conquered the galaxy. The fact remains that all the Rebellion fought for, the entire plot of Ep 4-6 is moot.

        The next point is what of the Jedi? Yes, they have a crappy explanation in the sequels and have yet another Jedi purge. I thought Ep. 6 was supposed to be The Return of the Jedi? Making Luke the last Jedi AGAIN is frustrating and depressing.

        Speaking of Luke…What…the…heck??? As you pointed out he wasn’t even close to the same character as he was in the previous movies. Yes, growth is to be expected as one gets older, but this isn’t growth, it’s wildly inconsistent. Why would Luke hold out hope beyond hope that his father would be redeemed but not his nephew? It doesn’t seem plausible that his character would be tempted to kill Ben but instead be crushed and desperately try to persuade him from the dark, even using Anakin as an example of what can happen when one falls, it’s never pretty. The Last Jedi indicated it was Luke’s lack of hope for his newphew that led to Ben’s fall which doesn’t make sense at all since he saw one of the worst people become redeemed.

        The anti-capitalist message was beyond ironic from a company that is sells and distributes goods…which is capitalism… No one who worked on this film didn’t benefit from capitalism. I bet most if not all have smartphones.

        I used to think Luke was too over-powered in light of what the prequels taught us about Jedi training, and then we met Rey. How is she a strong woman when she doesn’t have to learn and study hard to become powerful and hold her own against trained force-wielders?

        See, I told you I could go on and on but I will leave it at that. Believe it or not this is the abridged version. However, you covered many of the topics in this blog that bug me about this movie.

      2. See, I don’t even understand the origin of the First Order. I thought all the bad guys were defeated at the end of Episode VI. So how did the First Order rise so quickly, and why was the Resistance so puny? Shouldn’t more people be in the Resistance, given how that’s the winning side? I was waiting for Episode VIII to explain Snoke, but they did nothing with the character and simply killed him in a highly implausible way.
        And the Jedi plot is truly depressing. So Luke only trained about a dozen youngsters because… why? He didn’t look hard enough? Given how random kids like Rey or that boy who summoned the broom at the end of Episode VIII have Force potential, there must have been more kids around the Galaxy who could be aligible for Jedi training. I realize they don’t exactly have Facebook or Twitter to communicate between planets, but there must have been some way for Luke to spread the word that he was looking for prospective Jedi. Or is that silly?
        And the students that Luke had – what happened to them? Kylo killed them all after Luke tried to kill him? Which btw WHAT?!?!! That was the worst thing they could have done to Luke’s character! He couldn’t even kill the actual Darth Vader, yet he was willing to kill a young guy who had Dark Force potential?! Obi-Wan didn’t even fight Anakin until the very end, when Anakin attacked Padme and was beyond repair. And Obi-Wan didn’t actually kill Anakin, yet Luke was ready to murder a boy in his sleep?!!
        As far as Rey is concerned… Again, I was waiting for an explanation about her parents – just like everyone else was waiting for that. There must be an explanation as to why she’s so powerful out of nowhere! And it is… what? That she’s a woman? Cause that’s the only explanation that I have, and as far as explanations go, it’s terrible.

        See, I can go on and on, too 🙂

      3. I had to wookiepedia (yes that’s a thing) The First Order after Ep. 7 and apparently the New Republic banned capital ships and having any sort of military after the Empire Remnant and them made a peace treaty. Umm… like the imperials should be expected to uphold that… what a stupid plot device. Would we trust the Nazis not to build terrible weapons? It’s completely nonsensical.

        Concerning the Jedi at least the EU flushed that out a little bit explaining that the Empire hunted down not just Jedi but force-sensitive people/children as well. Therefore Luke had a heck of a time finding more than a couple dozen students for his academy. Heck, I would have taken a Jedi order comprised of three individuals over having Luke being the last again. Jedi are the heart of Star Wars. If Rey ends up being the last Jedi after this trilogy it will be disappointing.

        Yes, if Rey was the offspring of a powerful Jedi/Sith that would have made it better. I know they were going for “anyone can be a hero” which is true but not anyone is that powerful for no reason. No person absorbs power like that through osmosis, well save for Rey apparently. The thing is is that she has potential to be a great character. She is down to earth and aside from being overpowered is relatable, at least in Ep. 7.

        What bothers me is that the people who complained about the prequels for twenty years are often the same folks who get upset about those of us who critique The Last Jedi. Are the prequels perfect? No. However, neither are the originals and Ep. 3 is a darn fine movie. One that has heart and is a powerful story. It is vastly superior to anything Disney has produced so far.

      4. Wookepidia – how cute! 🙂
        Okay, a peace treaty makes sense, but you can’t complete disarm right after a major conflict, and with no Jedi. Once again, bad writing.
        And thank you for the explanation about the new Jedi! It makes sense that people wouldn’t come forward about their kids being force sensitive if all the previous Jedi were slaughtered.
        In that context it would even make sense for Rey to have dormant powers and not knowing about them, but it still doesn’t explain how she’s so powerful with absolutely no training. She was able to best Kylo Ren, who was trained by Luke and Snoke – like how?!!? Her incredible command of the Force goes against the entire story of Star Wars. It’s like if Harry Potter somehow knew all the magic spells and could do magic without a wand, etc. Everyone needs training to properly use their powers.
        As I said, I love the prequels, and yet I also see that they’re not perfect. But the way to redeem the prequels is to see that it was George Lucas who made them! The creator of the original trilogy had the right to make the prequels the way that he saw fit. That’s how I always saw it – it was his vision. Sure, not everyone liked it, but George Lucas earned the right to make the prequels the way he saw fit. But these modern creators – who are they to rewrite the whole story?!

      5. No a disarm cannot really happen, especially since the Empire retreated to the Unknown Regions. There is no way to hold them accountable then. Due to their ideology of course while in hiding and putting up a front to the New Republic Senate they would.

        What I explained about the Jedi was how the Expanded Universe handled the New Jedi Order, which is now defunct. It would seem since the inquisitors are still cannon that it might still hold true, but who knows.

        No it doesn’t make sense that Rey is so powerful without training. As you said, the only explanation is that she is a woman. I suppose that is their angle with Leia too. She is a woman and can just magically use the force when she is near death and unconscious. This is despite the fact that she didn’t receive Jedi training. And WHY didn’t she get trained??? That was set up in Return of the Jedi!

        I like the prequels too. Episode 1 is probably the roughest in my opinion but it is still fun. I think for awhile it was just cool to hate them.

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