Modern Family, Nostalgia Reviews

The finale of Modern Family aired last Wednesday and… I have feelings. Many feelings, most of which are Cam hysterically sobbing. Why Cam? If you have to ask then you’re not a true ModFam fan. And if you’re not – perhaps my reviews will convince you to give this wonderful show a go?
Although I must warn you – all the reviews will contain SPOILERS. For all the seasons. So, non-fans, just take my word for it – go binge all 11 seasons – what else are you gonna do in quarantine? Learn Japanese? Oh please – and then get back here and discuss them with me.
This is a preliminary post, an explanation of the whole Nostalgia Review situation.
Why am I already nostalgic for the show that just finished? Because right before I watched the final episodes I watched the pilot and oh my God… everyone was so young and smol! Well, the kids were smol and the adults were young, Lily was an infant and Joe wasn’t even born yet, and neither were Poppy and George, and Dylan just started dating Haley, and Gloria and Jay were newlyweds, and Manny had a crush on Haley, and Phil had a crush on Gloria, and Luke kept getting stuck in furniture…
It’s weird to watch the passing of time in a fictional story, but at the same time you can trace how the actors have changed over the years, how their own lives have changed, how much they’ve been influenced by the show, how much we all have changed and grown, and had the show to fall back on for moral support in times of crisis.
Take my life, for instance. In the past 11 years I have become an orphan, so now more than ever I crave the comfort of a big, loving family. And that’s what I get from Modern Family. As well as a sitcom with no laugh track – bless you, show! I mean, I love FRIENDS as much as the next guy, but I can’t binge it – the laugh track gives me a headache. But Modern Family can just play in the background during those times when I can’t be in an empty quiet apartment.
Anyway, this long, rambling pre-review (must all my reviews – even pre-reviews – be rambling?) is my way of saying that I’ll be re-watching all 11 seasons of Modern Family and reviewing them based on the knowledge of how the show ends. I’m not going to compare what was and what turned out to be every single episode, but I will be going back and forth on the timeline, so there will be spoilers for random episodes with no logic or reason.
So once again, if you’re not caught up with the show in its entirety, don’t read these reviews! But if you are – welcome! Pour yourself some scotch, grab an empanada, put on your best poncho or unicorn onesie – and let’s revisit one of the greatest sitcoms ever made!

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