My hometown

by Daria Shuklina

So, I live in Krasnogorsk. I wouldn’t call it a city as it still has areas which remind you of the time when all the people lived in small houses. Of course, we have modern soaring in the sky blocks of flats, and some parts of the town are like jungles made of concrete and glass, but still, my family and I call the town our lovely “деревня”. If you translate this word into English, the result will probably be “village”, however, I don’t think that this English notion has the same meaning as our “деревня”.  

Actually, my hometown is not that far away from the capital of Russia. If the weather is fine, and there are no construction works on the roads, you can easily reach Moscow by car in 15 minutes. However, the situation is never like this. 

What I like about my hometown is that it is really green. There are several parks and forests where people spend their free time walking, eating ice-cream and hanging out with family and friends. Recently, they have been renovated, and as a result, there are new benches, pantones, and play and sports grounds. I always walk there with my family and pug. In spring and summer, lilac and apple trees bloom and streets are filled with their scent. In autumn, the trees turn yellow, red and gold, which makes the parks wonderful. When winter comes, ponds turn into ice, and children and adults skate on them. 

However, people in my town kind of suffer from the lack of light. The streets are really dark in the evening, and it is uncomfortable. In Russia, where during the autumn-winter period it can get dark starting from 3-4 p.m, unfortunately, the town administration cannot resolve the issue.


Another thing that I love about Krasnogorsk is sunsets from the apartment’s windows. They are miraculous and never the same. The colours are unbelievable: purple, pink, red, yellow; and these are only the ones that I can describe in words. In summer I usually spend evenings on the balcony admiring this beauty.

Also, I could speak about the malls that we have in Krasnogorsk, but they do not differ from those in other towns and cities. There is one cinema and many shops. 

As well as that, there is music, drawing schools and various clubs where children and teens can develop a wide range of abilities. By the way, since childhood, I attended English, dance and music classes in my town. Thanks to them, I was able to learn a lot, constantly develop and meet different interesting people.  

Moreover, there is the Palace of Culture in the centre of my hometown. When famous people come to Krasnogorsk, they perform there. Likewise, concerts of art clubs are held in this Palace. So, I live in a nice town. If you visit Russia, welcome to Krasnogorsk.

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