Where was I on 9/11?

Hello, my name is Alice and I’m 40. I live in Manchester. I work as a radio host and also I run a weekend show, where I interview young famous people from different spheres. I’m going to tell you where I was on September 11 in 2001.

Kent Kobersteen, former Director of Photography of National Geographic
“The pictures are by Robert Clark, and were shot from the window of his studio in Brooklyn. Others shot the second plane hitting the tower, but I think there are elements in Clark’s photographs that make them special. To me the wider shots not only give context to the tragedy, but also portray the normalcy of the day in every respect except at the Towers. I generally prefer tighter shots, but in this case I think the overall context of Manhattan makes a stronger image. And, the fact that Clark shot the pictures from his studio indicates how the events of 9/11 literally hit home. I find these images very compellingÑin fact, whenever I see them they force me to study them in great detail.”

That day and that time I was in Manchester, at home with my family – with my mother, brother and sister. It was an ordinary weekday. We had our family morning tea ceremony after the breakfast. I was a 4th year student of the faculty of journalism. So, then it I grabbed my bag and went at university. One hour later, approximately at 11 a.m. I got a horrible message from my friend, Carlo, who was in New York on an internship. He wrote that there was a terroristic attack in New York and the airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. He said that there were a lot of victims. I was shocked. Later I heard the information about attack on radio.

9/11 National Memorial in New York

I’m sure that people should be aware of such historical events to avoid mistakes in the future and to make our lives more protected. That is why I work on radio and give people detailed country situation information in our daily ‘News’ section.

P.S. All the characters are fictional, but the story is based on real events.

One thought on “Where was I on 9/11?

  1. I was at the office of one company and we look live tv translation on CNN. I remember terrible pictures of many running people in big panic.

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