And Just Like That… Episode 2 Review

by KnigaWorm

SPOILER ALERT! for the entire show and film collection of Sex and the City. And obvi, Episode 1 of this show.

S1E02: Little Black Dress

I can’t look at Stanford being sad over Big because Stanford is gonna die next… And unlike Chris Noth, Willie Garson is actually dead, so they have to write him off the show by killing him – there’s no other way. They can’t relocate him like Samantha cause thank God, Kim Catrall is fine. But Stanford… I can’t.

Carrie is taking it well, but I know this pain – it’s slow and lasting. She will hold together for the funeral and then she’ll gradually fall apart. At least Miranda and Charlotte are with her. Of course, Carrie called Miranda first.

Charlotte should not be crying with that messed up face. And yeah… Charlotte has gone insane. It’s official now, there were signs before but now this is full-blown… madness.

And Miranda continues to win her law education… not. She has also changed way too much.

So the funeral is… chic. A normal New York City event. Yeah, of course, that’s how Carrie decided to handle it. And of course, she’s socialising and not crying. And yeah, Susan Sharon might be a lot, but she has a point – does no one remember how crap Big was for most of the show? It’s not important at the funeral, but a valid point nonetheless.

This is sad… just sad. Carrie has never been a normal emotional person, so her reaction is normal for her. The fact that she can’t sleep even with a sleeping pill shows just how much she misses Big and what a state she’s in.

So far, I am surprisingly happy with this remake. Maybe happy is not the right word, given what we’re dealing with here, but I was not expecting to like this and yet, I do. I am looking forward to next week.

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