And Just Like That… Episode 3 Review

by KnigaWorm

SPOILER ALERT! for the entire show and film collection of Sex and the City. And obvi, for Episodes 1&2 of this show.

S1E03: When in Rome

Haha, I already spoiled the fact that Natasha is coming back this episode! Although, I remember her from the trailers – back when we didn’t know about Big, so Natasha being there felt forced. Well, at least now she has a reason to be there. And so does Aidan, for that matter, but that’s not here yet, I hope.

Judging by the title, and the opening scene, Carrie is gonna put all her efforts into making it big in the cringe podcast world. Which makes sense, I guess, cause she needs something to do now that Big has been disposed of.

Charlotte and her messed up face continue to be the worst.

The way that they bring back Natasha is the worst. And also WHY?! What’s the point of bringing her back? I guess we’ll know soon enough. And Carrie saying that Big did nothing wrong to Natasha and Carrie was the one having an affair with someone else’s husband is so infuriating that I don’t even want to go there.

Please tell me this isn’t happening! Charlotte is the last person who should be dealing with a child’s gender identity dilemma. This is gonna be the worst.

Meanwhile, Carrie is going crazy over all the things that Big was (possibly) hiding from her. And how does Carrie not realise that Gogi is Big’s computer password?

So Carrie messaged Natasha on Instagram and got blocked. Haha, you go, girl!

Meanwhile, Charlotte found a whole bunch of tiny liquor bottles in Miranda’s backpack. So hopefully we’ll be focusing on this serious issue now. Also, Miranda and Steve haven’t had sex for years? Years?! How is that even possible? Don’t tell me that’s why Miranda drinks.

So Natasha flat-out ghosted Carrie – to the point where she told her assistant to tell Carrie that she was in Rome… when Carrie saw her walk into her building at work. And then Carrie and the girls were huffing and puffing past Natasha’s office and she saw them! So now she knows that Carrie knows and I have no idea what’s gonna happen but it’s not gonna end well for sure.

In the end, it was not bad but also not interesting. Another missed opportunity. And just like that, this show is just as bad as we feared.

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