And Just Like That… Episode 4 Review

by KnigaWorm

I decided to try something new in these rambling reviews, where I concentrate on each character and discuss the overall issues at the end of the review.

SPOILER ALERT! for the entire show and film collection of Sex and City. And obvi, for this show.

S1E04: Some of my best friends

Carrie – Like I feared, Carrie is going back to being her old self, including smoking, apparently. REALLY?!?!?!? Are we really going to try and make smoking great again in the age of Corona where people are literally fighting to breathe?!!? Speaking of which, when is this show supposed to be taking place? Nobody is wearing masks, so is this pre-Corona? I suppose… Anyway, Carrie is selling her and Big’s apartment and befriends her realtor. And as always, the show is vague on the logistics. Starting with, is Carrie seriously going to live in her old apartment? What about all the stuff that she’s accumulated over the years of living with Big? Even if she sells all the furniture and stuff, where are all her clothes and shoes gonna go? Don’t even try to tell me that it’s all gonna fit in the same closet. As someone who has recently downsized her life, I know for a fact that you accumulate stuff by the size of your home. So Carrie must have so much stuff after years of living in a giant apartment. Also, has she ever paid back Charlotte for the money she lent her for the down payment?

Anyway, this new friend is so obviously a Samantha clone – a single and fabulous woman – that I have no doubt their budding friendship is gonna happen. There’s not much personality to speak of beyond the Samantha persona so let’s move on.

Miranda – Continues to struggle with all the choices that she’s made in her life, which is not subtly revealed in her conversation with her new Black friend. See, you guys, we’re getting two Black friends, a Latina, and an ethnically ambiguous Samantha. This show is so diverse! Anyway, Miranda sort of advocates for having a child, but only if you really really want to. But if not, that’s fine as well. Just as long as you remember that you will always have something missing in your life. Wow, what an uplifting message!

Charlotte – Continues to go through a menopause-induced mental breakdown, this time working on the important issue of race. Of course by inducing the levels of cringe that only the second movie managed while trying to edumacate Muslim women on the issues of feminism. She cancels Harry’s colonoscopy three times just to have a show-off dinner party for her one important Black friend (also, just her one Black friend). The dinner ends up getting cancelled anyway, so she and Harry proceed to embarrass themselves at the Black friend’s birthday party. Is there a more tired way of showing how bad White people are at race than showing them mistake one Black person for another? If there is, please let me know. Anyway, it turns out relatively well, mainly because the Black friend is super-cool and I should start learning her name.

OTHERS – Is this seriously how we’re dispatching off Stanford Blatch?!?!?!!? THE STANFORD BLATCH??!?!?!?!!? By stating that he is managing a 17-year-old Tiktoker and moving to Japan for her indefinitely?!?!?!!? Oh and also, just like that, he wants a divorce. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?!?!? This hurts more than what they did to Big. And sure, maybe having two major characters die within a span of two episodes would have been too much but couldn’t you have thought of something else?! In fact, this is an even worse treatment than Samantha got. And Stanford was always there for Carrie, even if the further the show (and the films) went, the more he got reduced to an insufferable gay stereotype. Still, Stanford deserved so much more, you monsters.

Overall, this show continues to get progressively worse… Kim Catrall has truly dodged a bullet! I sure hope she doesn’t get bullied into joining this show for a second season if there ever is one.

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