The Greatest Showman: KnigaWorm Review

The Greatest Showman (2017)

Disclaimer: My reviews are unfiltered reactions that I write down while watching the movie. And I refer to characters by the names of the actors who portray them, so don’t get confused. Obviously, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

We are a walking paradox: we truly want the things we do not have, and once we have, we don’t want them anymore. Take me and movies: back in the day, when few films premiered in our theaters (and when I could barely afford to attend a screening) I had a full schedule of film releases written down and yearned to see them as soon as possible. I scoured the market of (sorry, pirated) videotapes since they were the first ones to come out. Later, the same happened with DVDs. And then the streaming services became available in our country… and I lost interest in the film industry. Yes, specifically, the industry. I still love movies, I think that’s plain to see. But the industry itself has lost its appeal for me. No longer do I care about award shows, no longer do I want to know the details of celebrities’ lives. And that was a major factor in my desire to see the new films as soon as they were available, as I now understand. Maybe that’s a natural aspect of getting older – the impatience of youth is replaced by the exhaustion of living past 30.

However, this presents me with a great opportunity to see the films I want to see exactly when I want and need to see them. And I get to discover the hits that people have already forgotten and, hopefully, get to remind my readers of these gems that can brighten up their day.

One of these gems is being reviewed tonight.

Hugh Jackman is one of those rare celebrities that are universally loved. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like most people either love him or just don’t care about him, but at least there are very few haters. And why would there be? Such a talented, charismatic, hardworking, charming man with no known discretions should be adored by the public. I mean, look at him in this film! I’m not even mad that he’s supposed to be playing a much younger man than he actually is – his enthusiasm makes up for the age difference. And yes, only Hugh could pull off a character like this. I’ve heard that the real story that this movie is based on is more problematic, but let’s not care just this once, please? Let’s just enjoy the music and the choreography, and forget our troubles!

We finally have a glimpse of the Efron! Maybe now we can get more Zendaya too. Why has she not been featured yet? Are they keeping her for duets with Zac? I hope not, Zendaya can carry the show on her own.

Oh no, girlie, don’t let those mean girls bully you into quitting ballet! Don’t disappoint us.

This is the most delightful drinking song I’ve ever heard! Zac got better at singing since High School Musical for sure. And sadly, I was right about Zendaya – as soon as Zac agreed to be on the show, there she is – a vision in slow motion. Boo… not at Zendaya, obvi, but at the fact that a female lead can only happen if there is a male.

The meeting with Queen Victoria went well. But of course, the real Queen is the divine Rebecca Ferguson. Oh, how I adore her! Don’t tell me she’s gonna fall for Hugh… can we be spared the melodrama? Just have a partnership for once? Zac and Zendaya having a romance is enough.

Zac, how dare you? Zendaya is worth more than your inheritance or your reputation. And Hugh, Hugh… don’t you dare! Admire her, worship her, that’s fine, but don’t even think. You have Michelle Williams who is happy in a movie for once – don’t break her heart!

And here we go, Hugh’s success has gone to his head. Too bad…

Of course, this is a well-structured film, perhaps a bit too well structured. The second act is plunging us into despair for the third act to bring us back.

Damn, the fire was DRAMA! I even screamed a little when Hugh went in to save Zac who went in to save Zendaya and the ceiling caved in. Of course, everyone is fine, but it was a moment.

Alright, guys, let’s bring on the third act! I can’t see Hugh being depressed.

Overall: BRILLIANT! Entertainment at its finest! Watch if you need cheering up, if you want to have fun, if want to be moved and motivated.

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