Will Smith and the double standard of the Hollywood elite

This is not something I would normally publish – I mostly talk about movies and shows without going into the creator’s personal lives. But the situation with Will Smith is indicative of the current state of the film industry and there are some peculiar points to the story. And I may have let this oneContinue reading “Will Smith and the double standard of the Hollywood elite”

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): KnigaWorm Review

This is going to be a strictly Rambling Review which I wrote a couple of weeks ago on a crazy hot day. And what is the best way to spend a crazy hot day? For some people, it’s going to the beach, but for me it’s staying inside a dark and, if needed, air-conditioned roomContinue reading “Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): KnigaWorm Review”

Antlers (2021): KnigaWorm Review

Something sinister is going on in rural Oregon. The police find parts of a person’s body with suspicious human bite marks on a corpse that could not have been destroyed like that by a human. And in a school, the new teacher discovers that one of her students might be harboring a terrible secret. WithoutContinue reading “Antlers (2021): KnigaWorm Review”

Stranger Things Season 4: KnigaWorm Review

OBVIOUSLY, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! This is a quite a polarizing season for me… I watched the whole thing without taking notes (though not in one sitting, I’m too old for marathons, lol), which is very unusual for me since I like to make my notes, but here I wanted to force myself to get immersedContinue reading “Stranger Things Season 4: KnigaWorm Review”