Stranger Things Season 4: KnigaWorm Review

OBVIOUSLY, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! This is a quite a polarizing season for me… I watched the whole thing without taking notes (though not in one sitting, I’m too old for marathons, lol), which is very unusual for me since I like to make my notes, but here I wanted to force myself to get immersedContinue reading “Stranger Things Season 4: KnigaWorm Review”

And Just Like That… Episode 4 Review

by KnigaWorm I decided to try something new in these rambling reviews, where I concentrate on each character and discuss the overall issues at the end of the review. SPOILER ALERT! for the entire show and film collection of Sex and City. And obvi, for this show. S1E04: Some of my best friends Carrie –Continue reading “And Just Like That… Episode 4 Review”

And Just Like That… Episode 3 Review

by KnigaWorm SPOILER ALERT! for the entire show and film collection of Sex and the City. And obvi, for Episodes 1&2 of this show. S1E03: When in Rome Haha, I already spoiled the fact that Natasha is coming back this episode! Although, I remember her from the trailers – back when we didn’t know aboutContinue reading “And Just Like That… Episode 3 Review”

And Just Like That… Episode 2 Review

by KnigaWorm SPOILER ALERT! for the entire show and film collection of Sex and the City. And obvi, Episode 1 of this show. S1E02: Little Black Dress I can’t look at Stanford being sad over Big because Stanford is gonna die next… And unlike Chris Noth, Willie Garson is actually dead, so they have toContinue reading “And Just Like That… Episode 2 Review”

And Just Like That… Episode 1 Review

by KnigaWorm And just like that… I’ve decided to come back to blogging. Missed me? Anyway, what better way to come out of unexpected self-imposed retirement than by reviewing a show that I am lovingly referring to as Sex in the Retirement Home? I am actually watching the show in real-time and commenting as IContinue reading “And Just Like That… Episode 1 Review”

In honor of Chernobyl

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion, an unimaginable disaster that would have been much worse were it not for the bravery of the Soviet people. Even though Chernobyl was the final nail in the Soviet Union’s coffin, it was the Soviet people who saved the world from a completeContinue reading “In honor of Chernobyl”

KnigaWorm Show Review: Schitt’s Creek, Seasons 1&2

I’ve heard a lot of praise for Schitt’s Creek over the past several years, but I never had the chance to watch it cause it wasn’t streaming on Russian Netflix and I have a complicated relationship with VPN services (in that, they never work for me, shutting down my entire Wifi system). And then suddenly,Continue reading “KnigaWorm Show Review: Schitt’s Creek, Seasons 1&2”

Modern Family, Nostalgia Reviews

The finale of Modern Family aired last Wednesday and… I have feelings. Many feelings, most of which are Cam hysterically sobbing. Why Cam? If you have to ask then you’re not a true ModFam fan. And if you’re not – perhaps my reviews will convince you to give this wonderful show a go?Although I mustContinue reading “Modern Family, Nostalgia Reviews”

After Life, Season 1

This is a very personal review. I can’t believe I’m even posting it, but here it is. What a brilliant show! I just finished the last episode – there’s only six half-hour ones, thank you, British television! So I’m full of the feels, and this is not going to be very coherent. Which, I figure,Continue reading “After Life, Season 1”

xoxo, Dan Humphrey’s murderous alter-ego

I hope you guys enjoyed my rambling reviews! I definitely enjoyed writing them. It felt liberating to share my thoughts unfiltered, unrestrained by the standard reviewing conventions. Thank you for reading, liking and commenting – let’s do this again very soon! THIS POST IS LIGHT, BUT FULL OF SPOILERS! On the whole, YOU proved toContinue reading “xoxo, Dan Humphrey’s murderous alter-ego”