I am incredibly lucky to be teaching at Higher School of Economics in my hometown of Moscow, Russia.

My students are the future Linguistics and Communications majors, and not for nothing – their English and storytelling skills are amazing! We have created a wonderfully creative and collaborative atmosphere in the classroom, opting to focus on creative writing, not just the usual academic writing skills.

And when I was struck by a daring idea – to start sharing not just mine, but my students’ writing on the blog – they jumped on board and signed up to become collaborators on this blog.

I’m sure you will enjoy the incredible talents of my lovely students!


Anastasia Shakhverdova

A third-year linguistics student at HSE, who enjoys all-things language and culture. Also passionate about eco-friendly lifestyle and charity work in HSE’s ‘Open your eyes’.

Anna Babochenko

My name is Anya and I am a student of Higher School of Economics, where I study foreign languages in order to become a teacher in the future and work with people of different ages. 
I can’t say that I ever seriously studied writing, but the preparation for various exams has made itself felt, and here I am. 
I like to play the piano and learn the methods of teaching foreign languages, as well as write small notes about my life. 

Arina Bocharova

Third-year student of the Higher School of Economics. The manager of a pharmaceutical company working with foreign departments by day, a fan of Batman and linguistics by night.

Daria Kuzmenko

Hello! I’m Dasha, I’m from Moscow. And I’m a copywriter. I study at HSE and this is my 3rd year at university. I’m interested in drawing, creating texts and snowboarding. My dream is to have a talk with a person from the sphere of journalism. I hope you will find my texts useful!;)

Anna Shornikova

My name is Anna, and I’m a student at HSE University. I study foreign languages and try to understand what the “cross-cultural communication manager” stands for in my resume.
Writing has always been my way to express feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. And the same can be said about my passion for dancing. So, I used to write all kinds of stories as a child and now, knowing several languages, I’m happy to go back to my good old hobby with expanded knowledge and opportunities.

Daria Shuklina

My name is Dasha and I’m a third year Linguistics student at HSE. I still haven’t decided whom I’m going to be when I grow up 🙂 The range of my interests is quite wide: from languages to space and from music to cooking. I’m glad to share my pieces of writing.

Daria Cherkasova

Hi! My name is Dasha, and I’m a third-year student of Higher School of Economics. I study linguistics, theory of intercultural communication and psychology. In my free time I enjoy reading fantasy books, playing video games and petting my two adorable cats. Oh, and I’m really into writing. I like to write down my thoughts and ideas, even the most chaotic ones, so that one day I can return to them and (hopefully) spin them into something wonderful.

Ksenia Konyukhova

Hi! My name is Ksenia I’m 20 and I’ve never learned how to read. I like wine and vines, memes and social themes, my precious cat and my cozy bed. By the way, I’m a drama queen, so most of my writings are dramatic, hope you’ll enjoy them.

Valeria Ivanova

Hi! My name is Valeria Ivanova, and I am a student at HSE University. Sometimes it hurts, but mostly I study languages, English and German, and work on interdisciplinary media studies. Since childhood, I have adored writing poems and stories about everything. I am a creative person, so I am glad to be part of a team of talented and versatile people connected by the love of writing.

In conclusion, it is important to note that people are free to speak the way they like since now all variations of language are mutually complementary.

Quotes from our authors

And when I thought back to all of our fights about moving and everything I said, it hit me: it was actually September 11 when my whole life fell apart, and there was nothing I could do. This day took away everything I had, everything I loved.

Anastasia Shakhverdova

I’ve never felt music like this before. Since then, each album of this singer evokes in me a lot of emotions, from goose bumps and tears to laughter and happiness.

Arina Bocharova

You can tell me that loneliness is a state of mind, and you need to establish an internal dialogue, and I will tell you that the world in which we used to live is arranged or rather it was arranged in such a way as not to leave us alone with ourselves, because, at least, it is dangerous. And when you abruptly find yourself alone, you start to be afraid of the person you have yet to meet.

Anna Babochenko

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