Dan Humphrey 2.0

I promised you musings and ramblings, and now I’m ready to deliver. I will be posting reviews of the show “You” that’s available on Netflix. I’m watching season 1, and will be reviewing all the episodes, publishing one review a day. I will be posting my ramblings just as they are – one proof-read for errors, and then off they go, no internal editor. Let’s see how it goes. And obviously, SPOILER ALERT!


I get that it’s the concept of the show, but HOW THE FORK DOES BECK NOT HAVE CURTAINS?!?!?!? She lives on the first floor of a New York City building. How can she not have curtains?! I know that she’s not supposed to have them to allow Dan Humphrey a view into her little life, but come on, writers, figure out another way for him to spy on her because this is just unrealistic!
And of course she had to lend on top of him when he pulled her off the train tracks. Vomiting on him was a nice touch.
“You waste of hair” – that’s a great insult. Dan Humphrey’s greatest asset was his hair, so he would know.
Where is this Pollyanna even from? She doesn’t have curtains, she doesn’t lock her phone, she gives her digits to strangers, she has sex with douchebags…. Girl, you’re a mess.
Alright, we’ve dispensed with the douchebag soda mogul already – good for you, show!… hold up, that dude is still alive. Hopefully not for long though, right? And perhaps he’s here to get tortured in gruesome ways? That would be cool too.

8 thoughts on “Dan Humphrey 2.0

      1. Why was I reading this over the phone? Forgot to say that my daughter lives in Australia. I am flying out to see her, my mother, my sister and my brother today. We are having a small reunion for the first anniversary of my Dad’s death.

  1. У меня не так много времени, чтобы смотреть фильмы, но твои слова очень интересные. Поздравляю!

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